AfterData for AI: a global machine learning engine

PowerData is based on the most up-to-date concepts of artificial intelligence, in particular, neural networks. One of the great strengths of PowerData is that it is capable of automatically selecting the optimal algorithmic method to predict a given behavior.

By analyzing existing data, PowerData is able to identify correlations which, in turn, enable it to anticipate future events.

Predictions are updated in real time, and integrate a wide range of statistical information:
- official sales periods
- school holidays
- seasons
- etc.

As well as dynamic information:
- weather forecast
- strikes
- stock market fluctuations
- etc.

All these data are processed in real time. They are pushed to the user interface, to offer business managers actionable forecasts and predictions, out of the box.
The predictions are directly usable by each Department Head for rapid and informed decision-making.
Thanks to its integrated ETL, PowerData can also feed other applications in real time, such as a CRM or an ERP system, scheduling software or a marketing automation tool.

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Powerdata: a business solution

PowerData is resolutely user-friendly, accessible to all, and requires no prior IT skills or expertise in data management.

The solution is designed for Marketing, Production, Sales, and Risk Management Departments, as well as people in charge of points of sale or emergency response services.

Each user’s dashboard is adapted to their business needs and sector, for a direct and easy use of the predictions. The system uses the specific vocabulary of each trade, thereby minimizing training needs.

Users can focus on their strategic goals. The data helps them optimize their activity and overperform.

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Powerdata: local adaptation

Our engine offers incredibly precise predictions, thanks to the multiplicity of data sources used. However, a prediction is only the result of the application of a mathematic model. This prediction would have no value if it did not also take account of local phenomena which cannot be modeled.

For example:
- half of my restaurant is under renovation, which will have an impact on the number of clients, on the orders and on the workforce
- a lift that was damaged during a flood will be given repair priority
- a fire engine which is out of order will paralyze an entire crew

Users can very easily integrate local phenomena, whether at the national or the local level, whether temporary or permanent, to adjust the predictions and make them even more accurate

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SynchroData: Business ETL

SynchroData is a dedicated machine-learning ETL, integrated with the PowerData engine. Any type of data can be processed, whatever the format, and whatever the interface technology:
- File
- WebServices
- etc.

The data used can either be internal to the information system of the company or come from external sources: weather forecasts; traffic; stock exchange; etc. AfterData offers a wide range of external data packages as well as connectors to enrich the predictions.

All relevant data are integrated into the model to offer extremely accurate predictions and forecasts.

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SaaS, or AIaaS

PowerData is mainly offered as a SaaS solution, or rather, as an AIaaS solution: Artificial Intelligence as a Service.

The solution is provided as a service. That means, no server, no infrastructure, and no maintenance for you. Hosting an a A.I. solution requires very specific expertise, which we provide to our clients. The environment we offer is completely scalable and upgradeable. All updates are done automatically, seamlessly, requiring no extra costs or technical services.

This enables us to ensure ease of use for our clients, and also to guarantee service continuity for our solution which is often used to process critical data.

The software and the data are hosted in France, in tier-3 data centers which have been recognized as being fully compliant with the requirements of the GDPR.

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