The AfterData solution

4 modules métiers

A solution for marketing and sales teams.

Predictions directly exploitable.

Access to the explanation of each forecast.

No technical skill required.

Prediction KPIs and algorithm directly searchable.


In addition to the data found in the enterprise information system, our DataHub library helps strengthen customer behavior predictions with 50 external data sources.

A unique marketing data library
Open data and collected data
Moments of life: moving, retirement, car buying
Socio-demographic data: family situation, home, civility
Standard of living: income, CSP, type of placement
Habitat: owner / tenant, habitat type, work forecast

Customer data or prospects data
Customer data
Database enrichment: email, telephone, standardization of postal addresses
Complements of data: appetites, moments of life, socio-demographic data ...
Prospects data
Thanks to the profiles determined by AfterData, realization of campaign on prospects according to their characteristics, their centers of interest and their moments of life.

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A global machine learning engine

PowerData is based on the most up-to-date concepts of artificial intelligence, in particular, neural networks. One of the great strengths of PowerData is that it is capable of automatically selecting the optimal algorithmic method to predict a given behavior.

By analyzing existing data, PowerData is able to identify correlations which, in turn, enable it to anticipate future events.

Predictions are updated in real time, and integrate a wide range of statistical information:
- official sales periods
- school holidays
- seasons
- etc.

As well as dynamic information:
- weather forecast
- strikes
- stock market fluctuations
- etc.

All these data are processed in real time. They are pushed to the user interface, to offer business managers actionable forecasts and predictions, out of the box.
The predictions are directly usable by each Department Head for rapid and informed decision-making.
Thanks to its integrated ETL, PowerData can also feed other applications in real time, such as a CRM or an ERP system, scheduling software or a marketing automation tool.

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SynchroData: Business ETL

SynchroData is a dedicated machine-learning ETL, integrated with the PowerData engine. Any type of data can be processed, whatever the format, and whatever the interface technology:
- File
- WebServices
- etc.

The data used can either be internal to the information system of the company or come from external sources: weather forecasts; traffic; stock exchange; etc. AfterData offers a wide range of external data packages as well as connectors to enrich the predictions.

All relevant data are integrated into the model to offer extremely accurate predictions and forecasts.

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SaaS or on site

Indifferently on site or in SaaS mode

On site

The solution is installed on the servers of our customers within their information system. The updates are made remotely in accordance with the security policy of each company.

SaaS mode

The solution is hosted exclusively in France on a compliant RGPD infrastructure.

There is no server, no infrastructure to maintain at our customers. The proposed environment is fully scalable and scalable. In addition, the updates of the platform are carried out automatically without extra cost and without technical intervention.

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