Outsourced Data Lab

Multidisciplinary team at your disposal

A multidisciplinary team at your disposal: marketing consultants, study engineers, data-scientist, developer.

Full integration with IT and business teams.

Clear objectives: deepen the most valuable business needs, evaluate the quality of the data, optimize the collection and storage, test different uses cases, evolve the ROI and put into production.

Why an Outsourced Data Lab?

  • A quick and economical solution to take advantage of your data
  • Avoid the recruitment of 4 to 8 people
  • A learning phase before a rise in internal competence

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Training - Evangelization

Explain & democratize the potential of A.I.

Artificial intelligence holds such potential for optimization that it will undoubtedly be used by everyone, in all sectors. However, many - including business managers - are still unfamiliar with the benefits that this technology can bring.

After offering an overview of what artificial intelligence is today, illustrated with real-life business cases, the goal of this training is to define concrete and practical applications that the trainees can implement in their own companies.

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Opportunity discovery

Que peut-on attendre d’un projet d’analyse prédictive ? Quel ROI ? Quel prérequis ?

Préalablement à un projet d’intelligence artificielle, une étude d’opportunité détaille et sécurise les bénéfices raisonnablement envisageables. Une telle étude se compose de 3 étapes.

Un échange avec les responsables métier a pour objectif d’approfondir les objectifs et identifier les gains attendus. L’étude des données détermine l’effort à fournir ainsi que la qualité des prévisions. Enfin, le pré-paramétrage d’un réseau de neurones permet d’illustrer un premier jeu de résultat et d’évaluer leur usage métier.

Le rapport final synthétise les bénéfices, coûts et risques du projet.

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Technical assistance

Skilled resources to complement your teams and know-how

AfterData puts at your disposal its best data-science experts for data preparation operations, neural network configuration, project scoping, requirement definition, etc.

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